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HDJ Sign Review 2024 → A Legit LED Neon Sign Brand?

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About HDJ Sign

Lighting up your home and space or adding a romantic vibe with LED neon light is such an exciting thing to do. Then, you can embellish it to blend with your specific space decoration, creating a new look in your space. What a game!

HDJ Sign Review: About HDJ Sign
Image: hdjsign.com

Wedding parties, birthday parties, or while opening your new cafe, LED neon light is such an excellent way to show things that you can’t describe, as you can design it with the text or image you want. That’s why HDJ Sign appears here.

HDJ Sign is one of the LED neon light brands that provide excellent quality products and good services. Now, if you want to know more about what this brand gets for you, this HDJ Sign Review is the right place to go. Thus, take a sit back, then read on till you get what you want!

Overview Of HDJ Sign

Let’s talk about HDJ Sign first before we jump into their products. Well, it’s been a US-based brand offering LED neon signs worldwide since 2019. They focus on creating stunning LED neon signs along with customization options. With 25 designers, they provide you with the most outstanding design and high-quality material, ensuring you get the best signs you deserve.

HDJ Sign’s missions are to be the trusted neon light brand helping all of you to brighten up your life. With thousands of satisfied customers worldwide, you shouldn’t doubt what this brand exactly gives you. Now, you want to join them, don’t you?

HDJ Sign Review

Quotes, favorite song lyrics, name, initial name, table lamp, and many more are easily turned on in your space with HDJ Sign. Yups, as we’ve mentioned above, it’s an LED neon sign brand that comes along to give a new vibe to you.

All of their products are handcrafted by professional designers with excellent processes. They use high-quality materials only; acrylic, stand, and LED flex neon, resulting in top-quality products.

They claimed that all their LED neon signs are durable, energy-efficient, safer, and super bright with a dimming option. They offer you eight design collections and customization designs, which you can choose depending on your need. Without further ado, let’s dive into an in-depth review of what this brand can give to you.

HDJ Sign Design Review

Wanna put an LED sign on your wedding event, birthday event, or on your cafe? HDJ Sign has eight design collections of LED signs; what a sign! All collections are designed with high-quality constructions; LED neon, transparent acrylic, and many more.

HDJ Sign Review: HDJ Sign Design Review
Image:HDJ Sign@fb

HDJ Sign Design Collections:

  1. Wedding Signs
  2. Custom Picture Neon Sign
  3. Birthday Neon Sign
  4. #Cartoon Neon sign
  5. Quotes neon sign
  6. Music band
  7. City Sign
  8. Table desk light

Sure, you can choose the colors, size, plug type, and installation method of the LED sign based on your need since they come with several options. Moreover, some are customizable, meaning you can easily get an LED sign as your request.

HDJ Sign Custom Neon Sign Review

As mentioned above, some of their LED signs are customizable, like Wedding Signs, but the good news is that you can request whatever LED signs you want!

HDJ Sign Review: HDJ Sign Custom Neon Sign Review
Image:HDJ Sign@fb

Here, they allow you to pick specifications:

  1. Size
    Choose ranging from 20″ x 50cm to 79″ x 200cm.
  2. Text
    Write down your text with a maximum of 8 letters per line and 24 characters.
  3. Text Font
    With several font options, which are 29 fonts, sure, they give you the freedom to create a “very you LED sign.”
  4. Color
    Comes with 10 color options; Red, Pink, Orange, Warm White, Cool White, Lemon Yellow, Green, Ice Blue, Blue, and Purple; you can pick your favorite one.
  5. Backing Shape
    Choose between Cut Around Acrylic, Rectangle Acrylic, and Cut To Letter for the backing shape as you want.
  6. Power Plug
    You get US/CAN, UK, EUR, and AUS/NZ power plugs to choose from.
  7. Sign Placement
    How do you install the LED sign? Is it indoor or outdoor?
  8. Remote Control
    An additional feature that you can take as your need.

One question that might arise in your mind; What will I get on this custom package?

  • Neon sign
  • Free Dimmer
  • Hanging chains and nails
  • 110-240 Volt Transformers and plug

Oh, before checking out your order, HDJ Sign lets you preview what you’ve selected for your custom LED sign; just click the button below to ensure that your sign meets your expectations.

HDJ Sign Contact

Whether you want to give them comments or ask whatever things regarding their products or services, HDJ Sign offers several ways to let you reach them easily.

Contact them, then wait within 24 hours for their response. Don’t worry; they claim to make all of the customers the center of attention, which means they will not let you wait for so long just to get their feedback.

In case you are wondering about their store, here’s the address along with their opening hours information:

HDJ Sign
1042 Broadway Street, STE 314C
Boulder CO 80302
Unite States

Opening Hours
Monday to Saturday: 9am – 10pm
Sundays: 10am – 6pm

HDJ Sign One Year Warranty

Comes with one year warranty, HDJ Sign tries to give excellent service to you. Even though all of their products are designed with high-quality material along with a good process, it’s undeniable whether you get disappointed with their products.

That’s why, they provide you with this warranty. Sure, you will get what you deserve.

HDJ Sign Pros & Cons

Sure, every product or brand has advantages and disadvantages, not to mention this HDJ Sign. So, looking at this pros and cons section is a wise decision before making an order. We collected it from customers that have purchased the products.

HDJ Sign Review: HDJ Sign Pros & Cons
Image:HDJ Sign@fb


  • Various designs options
  • Perfect color and font
  • Include all attachments, including adapter and dimming switch


  • Some customers state that they don’t get fast feedback from the brand

HDJ Sign Shipping Policy

Lucky you, HDJ Sign offers international shipping, which means all of you can order their products worldwide. The delivery date depends on several factors; your address, shipping option, and the lead time of the product you order.

The good news is that they offer a super savings option which you can enjoy the special offer. Whether you are in the UK, Europe, Asia, Africa, or even America, you can enjoy their special offer, check the detail to ensure your region is on the set.

Well, you don’t need to worry about the delay, HDJ Sign claimed that it usually arrives on time unless there are unpredictable situations such as the weather. They always do their best to give you a nice service and give you a satisfied shopping feel.

HDJ Sign Return Policy

Since customer satisfaction is the top priority for HDJ Sign, you don’t need to worry about their quality service. As you can guess, they offer you a return and refund in case you are disappointed with their products.

  • Neon Signs Return Qualifications:

    1. Send pictures/videos of the products, including your name and order number, to [email protected] or their WhatsApp +1(914) 42-74213
    2. Wait for 24 hours until they contact you
    3. If they accept your request, they will remake your product and then ship it to you in 1-2 weeks
  • Neon Signs Custom Return Qualifications:

    1. If you change your mind about the custom LED sign, you can return it as long as it has the same condition as the original packaging and all accessories
    2. If they accept your request, they will directly process your refund

HDJ Sign will inform you when they receive your package and let you know whether your request is accepted or rejected by emailing you. If it’s accepted, your refund will be processed within 24 hours and directly applied to your credit card.

To take note, the refund comes with a deduction of $45 from the original cost. For further information, you can directly check the return page on their official website.

Where to buy HDJ Sign?

The safest place to get all HDJ Sign products is exactly through their official website, as you don’t need to doubt the authenticity of the products. Yet, with several offers, including special prices, discount codes, and free shipping, we think shopping through their website is a good way.

Besides that, you can visit Amazon‘s official store to get all of their products with other offers. It all depends on you in case you go with their official website or Amazon. Happy shopping!

HDJ Sign Coupon Codes & Promos

Who doesn’t like discounts? HDJ Sign knows how important discount and promotion is for all customers, that’s why they give some offers to you. You can check their official website, or join their newsletter by submiting your email address to get product updates and promotions.

Or, just click the button below as we provide you with some coupon codes to get special prices on all of your orders.

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HDJ Sign Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for HDJ Sign reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Is HDJ Sign legit?

We are sure that HDJ Sign is a legit neon sign brand that provides you with several design options. As we said before, you get eight design collections to choose based on your need and want.

Don’t worry, all of them are made with high-quality material. Moreover, they also come with one year warranty to ensure that you receive an excellent product and service from them.

Does HDJ Sign provide a high-quality product?

Based on customers’ feedback we’ve analyzed on their official website, most of them said that the product they received comes with high-quality condition. It means that you don’t have to worry about it. But, still, you have to consider some things before buying.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of HDJ Sign Reviews & Ratings

Bright, cute, and attractive, HDJ Sign allows you to create your own light. Whether you use it for a birthday party, wedding event, and others, it’s an excellent sign to choose from. Moreover, with the custom options, you can request whatever design you want and need quickly.

Well, from what we’ve discussed on this HDJ Sign Review, we can say that it’s worth considering a LED neon brand to try in case you want to light up your space or event. With special offers, including promo codes, discounts, and free shipping, this brand is ready to give you the most satisfied feel shopper!


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